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Pocket Goddess Aldon's Crossing Review


Q. When will Aldon's Crossing be released?

A. Aldon's Crossing was released as of Feb 9th, 2002.

Q. What is the current version of Aldon's Crossing?

A. Aldon's Crossing is currently on version 1.0.5.

Q. When will Aldon's Crossing 2 be released?

A. Currently AC2 is slated for a 2003 release.

Q. Can you be more specifc with the AC2 release date?

A. I'm sorry, no.

Q. Do you have other software projects in development, other games?

A. Yes.

Q. Can you tell me about them yet?

A. I'm sorry, not yet.

Q. What do I do if I have found a bug?

A. Send an email with your savegame, and a description of the bug to .

Q. How do I find my savegame to send to you?

A.First, HotSync your handheld to backup the savegames.
   Now go to the directory you installed your haldheld software, example:

  1. C:\Palm
  2. From there goto your user directory, example:
  3. C:\Palm\DavisA
  4. From there, goto your BackUp directory, example:
  5. C:\Palm\DavisA\BackUp
  6. There you will find some *.pdb files named the following:
    • AutoSave.PDB
    • QuickSave.PDB and
    • No_Name_12_31_48_9_9_01.PDB
      Where No_Name is the name of your character and the numbers represent the time and date you saved your game.

Email those to us at along with a description of the bug. This will help us a great deal in solving the bug, and we thank you in advance!

Q. How much will it cost to register?

A.$19.95 US

Q. Why shouldn't I eat yellow snow?

A. It's bad for you.

Q. Which versions of the Palm OS are supported?

A. There are currently 2 versions of Aldon's Crossing:

  • 2-bit Greyscale requires Palm OS 3.0 support or higher.
  • 8-bit 256 color requires Palm OS 3.5 support or higher and is Palm OS 5.0 compatible as well.

.Q. What about Windows CE?

A. The Aldons' Crossing port to Windows CE is currently suspended.

Q. How long can I play the game without being registered?

A. In the unregistered version, your character can reach level 4.
   In the unregistered version, you will also not be able to load extra modules (both player created and staff created).

Q. Why do my saved games cause log errors with JBBACKUP?

A. The original version of JBBACKUP, a utility from Handmark which allows backing up of a handheld pda to external storage, did not properly handle the saved game files. Please go to and request an updated copy. This problem does not occur with version 1.62 or higher. (Thanks to Pat McCombie for this submission!)

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