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Pocket Goddess Aldon's Crossing Review


Aldon's Crossing Role Playing Game (Complete Feature List)
The most advanced role-playing game available for the palm(tm) pilot!

  1. Game Engine Technical Features Include:
    1. Smooth scrolling graphics.
    2. Real-time combat.
    3. Intuitive Smart tapping; tap on an enemy to attack, tap on a friend to talk.
    4. 5 save game slots with character name and timestamp.
    5. 1 Quicktime slot for quick loads and quick saves.
    6. Battery check feature with automatic battery notification if you are below 50% for each 5% lost.
    7. Autosaves when quitting the game.
    8. Beaming feature to beam the game, its databases, and saved games to a friend with no synching to a computer.
    9. Navigate movement using your palm(tm) device's hard keys.
    10. Navigation all in-game dialogs using your palm(tm) device's hard keys.
    11. Customize your palm(tm) device's hard and soft keys.
    12. Palm OS 5 Compatible.
    13. 256 color version for Palm (tm) OS 3.5 and up with color display.
    14. 16 shades of grey (4 bit greyscale) version for Palm (tm) OS 3.5 and up with 4 bit greyscale display.
    15. 4 shades of grey (2 bit greyscale) version for Palm(tm) OS 3.0 and up with 2 bit greyscale display.
    16. Play multiple modules, or create your own through our free windows application: ModMaker.
    17. Multiple modules may run concurrently.
    18. Import your favorite character from one module to another.
    19. Fog of War: map is revealed as you explore it.
    20. Autogenerated mini-map for player.
    21. Creatures use pathing algorithms to find you around corners and through doors.
    22. Left handed feature to make user interface more accessible to left handed people.
    23. Various custom ability buttons to quickly display information:
      1. Display Expereince and Gold.
      2. Display Current Time.
    24. Tab Control 'Hot Button Bar' for customizable buttons to give players 27 buttons on 3 different pages.
      1. Customize these buttons to hold usable items like potions and traps.
      2. Customize these buttons to hold spells.
      3. Customize these buttons to show any of the built in games features.
        1. Stats.
        2. Inventory.
        3. Melee/Range Toggle.
        4. Quick Spellbook.
        5. Show current time.
        6. Show mini-map.
    25. Preferences Dialog with default preferences and a reset button.
      1. Adjust game speed to slow down or speed up the game as desired.
      2. Toggle for diplaying combat rolls.
      3. Adjust the game display for left or right handed palm use.
      4. Customize almost any hard or soft key setting.
    26. Various special effects and map features like:
      1. Props (secret doors, chairs, tables, beds, etc...)
      2. Animated props (flags waving in air, fires burning, etc...).
      3. Animated water.
      4. Secret doors that slide open, and then slide closed again.
    27. Registration allows you to:
      1. Play your character past level 4.
      2. Play user created modules and future expansion modules (by default un-registered players cannot play expansion modules).
  2. Gameplay Features Include:
    1. Advanced Player Character Customization:
      1. 3 different playable races: a robust dwarf, lithe and agile elf, or a versatile human.
      2. 5 different playable classes: Journeyman, Fighter, Mage, Priest, or Thief. Each class has different and powerful abilities:
        1. Thieves have the ability to sneak and move quietly.
        2. Thieves have the ability to hide rendering them effectively invisible until they move.
        3. Thieves have the ability to sneak attack, and that ability grows in power as they gain levels.
        4. Thieves eventually get multiple attacks (up to 2) in combat as they gain levels.
        5. Thieves can purchase/find traps to put on the ground for monsters to trip (damage traps, slowness traps, poison traps, etc...).
        6. Fighters eventually get multiple attacks (up to 3) in combat as they gain levels.
        7. Mages cast powerful magic from the their spellbook, with more powerful spells becoming available as they gain experience.
        8. Priests cast powerful spells granted to them from their divine faith, with more powerful spells becoming available as they gain experience.
        9. Train in different classes with the same character.
      3. Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Luck attributes. All of which affect gameplay.
        1. Strength affects chance to hit and damage with melee weapons.
        2. Dexterity affects chance to hit with missle weapons, and base armor class.
        3. Vitality affects hit points per level, and the rate in which health regenerates.
        4. Intelligence affects cast success rate for spells, and chance to detect hidden creatures.
        5. Wisdom affects size of mana pool for player, and determines how quickly mana regnerates.
        6. Luck affects EVERYTHING where random chance plays a factor (swinging a weapon, critical hits, casting a spell, sneaking, etc...)
      4. Play as either a Male or a Female character.
      5. Customize your appearance by choosing from several male and female portraits.
    2. Find, make, or summon powerful allies and friends to aid you in your quest:
      1. Pets and/or henchmen follow and fight for you.
      2. Pets and/or henchmen automatically switch between melee and ranged weapons.
      3. Pets and/or henchmen gain levels as they gain experience.
      4. Equip your pets and/or henchmen with armor, weapons, and items.
      5. Pets and/or henchmen, and summoned monsters transfer back to you any equipment you gave them when they die.
      6. Find Quest pets who join you for a quest, then leave when the quest is complete. (i.e. Rescue Timmy and bring him safely to his mother).
      7. You can leave your pet and/or henchmen somewhere, and come back and get them later.
    3. Wield powerful magic:
      1. Summon spells allow you to bring forth powerful monsters to fight for you.
      2. Attack spells with explosions and area effect life fireball and ice storm.
      3. Armor spells to increase your defense.
      4. Corpse Explosion spell causes enemy corpses to become weapons of mass destruction.
      5. Invisibility spell hides you or your pet/henchmen from your enemies.
      6. Damage shield spells return some of the damage back to the attacker.
      7. Animate Dead allows priests to resurrect fallen enemies to fight for them.
      8. Stat buff spells allow you to increase either your attributes, or the attributes of your pet/henchmen (i.e. strength, bless etc..).
      9. Stat de-buff spells decrease an enemies attributes (i.e. weaken, curse etc...).
    4. Real-time combat against dangerous enemies featuring:
      1. Monsters with weaknesses and resistances to certain types of attacks (resists piercing attacks, vulnerable to fire attacks).
      2. Critical hits that double damage (and will stack with sneak attacks).
      3. Double Damage bonuses when there is a 3+ level differnce between combatants (stacks with all other attacks as well).
    5. Intuitive Smart tapping; tap on an enemy to attack them, tap on a friend to talk to them.
    6. Quest Log to tell you about your current missions.
    7. Message Log to show your last 20 messages so you dont miss anything.
    8. Mini-Map feature to show you the world around you.
    9. Switch between ranged and melee combat with 1 press of a customizeable button (Melee Range Toggle).
    10. Buy and Sell items with shopkeepers.
    11. Wield, wear, and use powerful items:
      1. Use powerful healing potions of various strengths.
      2. Use defense boosting Armor potions of various strengths.
      3. Use potions that increase you health regeneration rate.
      4. Use potions that increase your mana regeneration rate.
      5. Armor locations for: head, neck, torso, arms, hands, legs, feet, rings, shield, and back.
      6. Magical armor available with spell affects (i.e. speed boots or Holy Breastplate).
      7. Melee and ranged weapons come in both 1 and 2 handed variations.
      8. Magical weapons available with spell affects for when they attack; i.e. Assassin's Dagger poisons targets, Blood Blade steals life.
      9. Class based weapons; i.e. the assassin's dagger is a thief only weapon.
      10. Weapons have different attack settings; ie. arrows are piercing, swords are slashing, clubs are blunt.(magical, firem ice, etc...)
    12. Powerful actor script language allows you to create many different types of actors:
      1. Simple sign actors that display information when tapped on.
      2. Patrolling guards/monsters that will aid the player.
      3. Patrolling guards/monsters that will attack the player.
      4. Wandering monster spawners.
      5. Story monsters who interact with the player.
      6. Shopkeepers who buy and sell items.
      7. Innkeepers who offer rest to the player.
      8. Guildmasters who train the player in thier class.
      9. Movie scripts that move your character around, and further the story.
      10. Door actors that require a certain item or key to allow passage.
    13. Aldon's Crossing Included Main Story Module features
      1. Compelling story of Love, Betrayal, and Revenge.
      2. 450+ different items and props currently in game.
      3. 300+ Actors to interact with.
      4. 60+ Creature types you may encounter.
      5. 150+ maps to explore.
      6. Beginning Tutorial to walk you through the game's user interface.
      7. Gladiator Arena to fight in and gain ranking.

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