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Pocket Goddess Aldon's Crossing Review



Welcome to the Aldon's Crossing website! Aldon's Crossing is the most advanced role-playing game available for your Palm OS device.

Your journey through the world of Aldon's Crossing will allow you to:

  • travel through more than 150 different maps.
  • meet and talk with hundreds of non-player characters (NPC's).
  • engage in combat with more than 60 different foes in real time.
  • customize your character's gender, portrait, and 6 vital statistics.
  • choose from 3 different races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • choose from 4 different classes: Fighter, Thief, Priest, and Mage.
  • change your class in the middle of the game: from Mage to Thief, and back again.
  • cast more than 50 spells, such as Heal, Summon Monster, and Fireball.
  • wield deadly weapons(both melee and ranged), and wear powerful armor.
  • find amazing potions, and magical items.
  • hire henchmen, or find loyal pets to aid you in your quest.
  • customize a unique and easy to use interface.

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Aldon's Crossing RPG Game of the Year!

1-1-2003. Aldon's Crossing was voted RPG Game of the Year from PDArcade! You can get the whole story, as well as read the review here.

Aldon's Crossing 1.0.5 released

11-16-2002. Aldon's Crossing verison 1.0.5 has been released. You can find this release in the downloads section located here.
As always, please read the included readme.txt included in the zip file for a list of changes.

Games to go: Download distractions for your PDA

07-31-2002. This is the article on USA Today from Marc Saltzman
Games to go: Download distractions for your PDA.


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