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Pocket Goddess Aldon's Crossing Review


A summary of the Great War, and the time that followed...

The land of Everon was a quiet and gentle land, filled with farmers and merchants and ruled by the fair and just wizard king, Orin. Orin ruled the land from the city of Kaldania, a beautiful and prosperous place. Indeed, all of Everon was prosperous, for under Orin's protection and guidance, the land and its people grew strong and happy.

Yet all good things come to an end or so the maxim goes. The rule of Orin was no exception. In the dark of a warm summer night, an assassin's blade took the life of Everon's beloved ruler, leaving his people in mourning and despair.

Sadness and despair would soon give way to horror as it was learned that far to the North in the land of Madancia, the Evil Sorceress Ragna was gathering her dark forces. Her armies of Orcs, Goblins, Giants, and Undead were preparing to march on the now vulnerable Everon.

Orin had been buried for less than a week.

Princess Loriana, the daughter of Orin, passionately spoke to the people of Everon of the coming Evil. Her people could not help but listen. Farmers put down their shovels, and took up sword and axe. Merchants closed their shops and also answered the call to defend Everon.

The storm of war was brewing; the future of Everon hung in the balance. That future would be decided at Kaldania, the Capital of Everon, which was strategically placed on the isthmus, separating the land of Everon to the South, from the land of Madancia to the North.

As the defenses of the city were organized, an unknown army officer's name was quickly becoming known throughout the city. The officer's military ability was only surpassed by his ability to inspire and lead his soldiers. It wasn't long before this officer was attracting the attention of everyone in the city, including Loriana. That officer was Aldon.

It wasn't long before the city had forgotten about the impending War, and was celebrating the newfound love between their beloved Loriana and Aldon, their new champion.

When Ragna's evil armies came before the city of Kaldania, she was not met with weeping and despair. She was met with iron determination, stalwart hearts, and cold hard steel.

The battle lasted for weeks. Aldon matched every move of Ragna's. He rallied the defenders of Kaldania, and he led by example. Aldon's shining blade was always where the battle was the thickest. Neither giant nor undead apparition could stand before his skill and might. The defenders of Kaldania never gave any ground.

Ragna could find no crack in the defenses of Kaldania; no foothold was there to gain. Her control of her evil army was beginning to fray, and the victory that seemed so sure was now slipping away. Scheming to rob the defenders of their heart, Ragna enchanted a deadly poisonous arrow and gave it to her greatest assassin, Suttar.

As the evil army broke and ran for the third time that day, the defenders, centered on Aldon, broke out in a cheer! As they raised their weapons in salute to Aldon, they were met with yet another shock. Right before their disbelieving eyes, Aldon sunk to his knees, the evil poisonous arrow protruding from his side. Princess Loriana was rushed to him, and Aldon whispered into her ear for a few moments. Though others did not hear Aldon's words, one could only imagine their impact as evidenced by the tears that flowed freely down Loriana's face. He then died in her arms.

But as Ragna prepared her army for their fourth charge, the final charge that would surely win this War, she was horrified to find that the defenders were charging towards her and her army. As her demoralized army broke and ran from the wrath of the enraged defenders, Ragna realized the day was lost and victory would not be hers. Vowing her revenge at the rushing defenders, Ragna cast a spell and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

In the years that followed, Kaldania was rebuilt for much of it was destroyed in the War. The city was then renamed Aldon's Stand so that no one would ever forget Aldon's sacrifice. It is said that time heals wounds, but for Loriana, the heartbreak of losing Aldon never healed. She never married. Upon her death, the rule of Everon passed to the Council which was filled by representatives from the cities of Everon.

But now, 300 years later, strange things are afoot. It is whispered that Ragna still lives and stirs in the lands to the North. Orcs and Goblins have been seen in greater abundance, and it is even rumored that the dead grow restless. It is whispered that the streets of Aldon's Stand hold dark secrets; secrets the Council appears powerless to uncover. Has Ragna really returned? The Council seeks answers, and the people seek heroes.

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